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Vote for Phil Conder for Utah State Treasurer

The State Treasurer’s office has been run well for many decades. The state has a AAA bond rating from all three agencies. The core competencies are solid. But this is 2016 not 1956. Just like business, government needs to be nimble and cost effective without damaging the core competencies. I have a proven track record of innovation that increases efficiencies and decreases errors. The following is one such instance of my vision creating tangible results for all citizens of Utah.

The Idea

As I was preparing my budget in the fall of 2013 at the SL County Treasurer’s office, I once again allocated about 40% of my operations budget to printing and mailing tax notices to the residents of SL County. I wondered about the option of utilizing modern technology to send tax notices to those who prefer electronic means.

The Problem

In talking with the County Treasurer, Wayne Cushing, we lamented the fact that by statute, tax notices MUST either be hand delivered or delivered via USPS. We immediately contacted the Utah Association of Counties (UAC) to get their assistance in drafting legislation to allow other methods of delivering tax notices. When the 2014 legislative session was well under way, we learned that UAC had not proceeded with drafting the legislation that we requested.

The Bill

I went home that night from work and wrote my own bill. The next day, I ran it past individuals in the Treasurer’s office and the District Attorney’s office. Modifications were made and I then needed to get a bill created in the Legislature. Unfortunately, the deadline to file a new bill was already past. I scoured the boxcar bills that were still open. Senator Aaron Osmond had a boxcar bill that could be potentially used. I contacted the Senator and explained what we were trying to do. He agreed to run our bill and it was quickly drafted and given to the Tax/Revenue committee chaired by Sen. Diedre Henderson. The idea that tax notices should have the ability to be electronic if all parties agreed was readily accepted. As the session wound to a close, and with Rep. Eric Hutchings helping to get it through the House chamber, SB244 passed at 10:30pm on the last night of the session and was signed into law on March 31, 2014.

The Results

We are now running pilot programs to test the process of sending tax notices via eMail. This one change has the potential to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in SL County alone. Moreover, this law now allows ALL counties in the state to implement similar tax savings strategies.

This is one example of my having a vision, asking the right question, knowing the process, having political respect, and working hard that has created a more efficient and cost effective government for all residents in the State of Utah. I ask for your support and your vote for Phil Conder to be the next Utah State Treasurer.


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