Why I am Running

I am running to be the next Treasurer for the State of Utah because I want to continue the solid financial footing of the state, increase efficiencies, increase transparency, and focus efforts on 21st century threats of identity theft and cyber attacks.


  • I currently work as a member of the senior administrative team for the Salt Lake County Treasurer’s office – overseeing the budget, records, assets, information technology (IT), Human Resources (HR), security, and purchasing. Since coming to the SLCo Treasurer’s office, I have streamlined processes that have created efficiency, reduced errors, and increased customer service for the citizens of Salt Lake County. All of this has been done without increasing the budget.


  • As the new State Treasurer, I commit to working efficiently and with openness. As we have seen with other state agencies that have recently had turnover at the top, business as usual will not cut it. We need to have leaders that are principled, innovative, and willing to ask new questions.


  • With a strong background in IT, I am the best suited candidate to oversee the Treasurer’s office of the future. Security and data are of critical importance as services move deeper into the digital age. Government institutions are typically behind the times with technology and security. With the billions of dollars that are invested and monitored, security and confidence of people is paramount.