The Utah State Treasurer position is really 3 jobs in one.

  1. It is a political job requiring the ability to navigate issues with the other Executive elected officials and work with the Legislative branch.
  2. It is an administrative position running an office of professionals and interacting with every County, City, Municipal District, and taxing authority in Utah.
  3. It is a professional job requiring knowledge of money management and investment.

In addition to the qualification, the position requires someone of impeccable ethical standards

  • Political
    • Member SCC for 4 years
    • Member of State Audit Committee for 4 years
    • Candidate for State House of Representatives
    • Candidate for WVC Council
    • Precinct Chair
    • Precinct Vice Chair
    • Precinct County Delegate
    • Precinct State Delegate
    • Deputy Campaign manager for Sean Reyes for Attorney General
    • Salt Lake County Constitution and Bylaws Committee
  • Administrative
    • Member of the WVC Planning Commission for 9 years
    • Chair of the WVC Planning Commission for 3 years
    • Chair of the Government Action Committee of Chamber West
    • Owned my own company
  • Relevant Education
    • Chair of the the State Audit Committee for 2 years
    • ZERO findings for my most recent audit in the Salt Lake County Treasurer’s offie
    • Degree in Mathematics from the U of U
    • Developed award winning Monte Carlo simulation for portfolio growth
    • Designed stock trading models
    • Senior Administration for Salt Lake County Treasurer’s Office
    • Financial planning software
    • Developed and manage real estate system that holds over 900 million records
    • Notary Public